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Vasuki Learning Centre

Are you a student in Chennai seeking to excel in your studies? Look no further than Vasuki Learning Centre, your trusted partner in academic success! Located in the heart of Anna nagar, Chennai, our offline tuition center is your one-stop destination for comprehensive and effective tutoring for students from class 6 to 12. With a dedicated team of experienced and passionate educators, we offer top-notch guidance and support in a wide range of subjects to help you reach your full potential.


Our experienced math tutors ensure that you grasp the fundamental concepts, solve complex problems with ease, and excel in all math-related examinations.


Dive into the world of physics with our expert guidance. Understand the laws of the universe and tackle physics problems confidently.


From the periodic table to chemical reactions, our chemistry tutors make the subject not only understandable but enjoyable as well.


Master your language skills with specialized tutors for Hindi, Tamil, and English. Whether it's grammar, literature, or communication skills, we have you covered.


Explore the wonders of life and the intricacies of the natural world with our experienced biology tutors.


Whether you're studying commerce or just want to strengthen your accounting skills, our tutors will guide you through every financial concept.


Zoology is the branch of biology concerned with the study animals and animal kingdom. It is also known as animal biology.


Commerce is defined as the exchange of goods and services among individuals and business entities.

Why Choose Vasuki Learning Centre?

Our teachers work with students one-on-one to determine their specific learning needs and tailor their sessions accordingly. This ensures that pupils receive the finest instruction possible. It will assist students in becoming more comfortable with the format of the actual exam and identifying any areas where they require additional assistance. It also assists kids in developing a test-taking strategy and gaining confidence. Following the completion of each chapter, you will be given a chapter-by-chapter test to assess your progress. For a variety of reasons, home tuition is becoming increasingly popular in Chennai. Home tuition can also provide students with a wonderful opportunity to engage with teachers who are specialists in their field of study.

  • Experienced Teachers. Excellent Coaching with Hi-Tech methods.
  • Practical exams related doubt cleared with demo.
  • Weekly Test, Monthly Test, Track Test, Warm-up Examinations & Model Examinations will be conducted & Marks will be intimated to the parents.
  • Separate class for boys and girls.
  • Prime timings, more number of batches.
  • Admission Open for all classes on all days.
  • Discussions to clear doubts.

Tuition Centre

Experienced Teachers. Excellent Coaching with Hi-Tech methods.

The syllabus for individual courses from Class VI-VIII evolves as candidates advance to higher standards. While subject principles may remain the same, students are given more intricate and expanded chapters to study, allowing them to obtain a better comprehension. In this section, we’ll look at the key components of each topic that candidates must study over the course of three academic years. Classes VI, VII, and VIII are called middle-school grades, and these three academic years are critical for students. Many students and their parents in India undervalue the importance of these three years, with the emphasis mostly on the board tests that students must take in Class X. However, these three years are critical since it is during these years that kids have the opportunity to lay a firm foundation for high school. A solid foundation is required for pupils to do effectively in high school, as the curriculum for each subject changes and expands as students go to higher standards.

Best Tuition for All Classes and Boards

We provide specialized instruction that is geared to your child’s specific needs. This means that our home tuition fees in Chennai are not the same for everyone. It is determined by your child’s grade level, the curriculum they are following, the subjects they require assistance with, and the amount of classes they require per week. Please call our academic counselor at +91 99522 09544 for a tailored price for your child’s tuition. They will be able to answer any questions you may have and assist you in determining the best tuition plan for your child.

Admission Open for all classes on all days.