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Kurukshetra IIT JEE Coaching Admission April 2023 – March 2024

Want to Become a Engineer in IIT?


Accelerate your journey to crack the most competitive exams in India! Without getting confused or overwhelmed with the complex and vast scope of the examination.


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Kurukshetra IIT JEE Academy

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Why prepare from Kurukshetra IIT JEE preparation?


Prepare for your dream Engineering and Medical career from a campus specially designed for academically proactive students who want to make a difference in their preparation.

Who is this  program for ?

Anyone who has a clear vision to crack IIT-JEE just in one attempt

Students who aspire high to crack IIT JEE

Students who have a burning desire to crack IIT JEE and get a Engineering seat

Students who are looking to prepare from top faculties

Students who would like to learn and prepare from selected and experienced faculty to gain the best knowledge and learning experience

Students who are looking for laser-focused preparation

Students who want to have undistracted preparation for IIT JEE entrance and develop a competitive spirit

Parents and students from 2nd tire cities

Aspiring IIT JEE students who have fewer opportunities to prepare from Kurukshetra IIT JEE Coaching as their city may not have a centre to prepare for the dreams

Learn from experienced and high-skilled teachers to guide You throughout Your two years.

If you want regular assessments and gauge Your learning and understanding of each topic under every subject.

Reserve a seat before Feb 20, 2023, to unlock scholarships

Students and Parents Talk about Kurukshetra IIT JEE Academy

Reserve a seat before Feb 20, 2023, to unlock scholarships

Why Choose Kurukshetra

Systematic Program

Our 2 Year Program is carefully designed course with Systematic Study Plan, to help students excel in IIT JEE and Std. XI, XII.

Expert Faculty

We have a team of highly experienced professors who have developed a deep insight into the nature and trend of the board exams and medical entrance exam like IIT JEE.

Research Based Study Material

In our Study material, core concepts are explained lucidly through comprehensive theory and solved examples which are designed from basic to advanced level.

Doubt Solving Sessions

Inbuilt doubt solving sessions help students to clear doubts and strengthen their concepts, ensuring smooth process of learning. Additional online support is also available.

Test and Program Analysis

Several tests like Weekly Tests, Topic wise Tests and Full-Length Tests are conducted regularly during the course to help students identify their weak areas and work on strengthening them.

Video Lectures

Students can revise any topic easily with recorded video lectures. Any missed lecture can be viewed through this facility

Sessions by Board Moderators

Knowing the importance of Board exams, we organise sessions by Board Moderators on ‘How to write Board Papers’.

Motivational Lectures

Motivational lectures are arranged to encourage students to keep walking with renewed vigour and zest.

Reserve a seat before Feb 20, 2023, to unlock scholarships
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